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    2017 Maniac Performance GT4OC Dyno Day Results

    2017 Maniac Performance GT4OC Dyno Day Results

    2017 Annual Maniac Performance GT4OC Dyno Day

    Well crew, we had an incredible time hosting our first ever event alongside the NZ GT-Four Owners Club! Everyone was in fine form, and featured 15 cars on the dyno throughout the day with some egos being crushed and people being overjoyed and devastated all in the same day. 

    Big thanks to Geoff at MCR Automotive for hosting us, thanks to Greg Martin and the NZ GT4 Brotherhood for helping with the day, Andre and Jacqui from New Lynn Cooper Tyres and Shane Martin from Smartgraphics for some sweet merch on the day, and Karney from Cultured Gent for making us coffees on the day!

    Congrats to our winners of the Day - Neil Kerr with his super tidy Caldina GT-Four winning most powerful GT-FOUR, and to Glynn Hooper for taking out most powerful car overall on the day! (Micah Spear decided to leave early, sorry mate!)

    We know you all want the results, so here they are below in alongside make and model, as well as a brief on the mods they all have for your discussion and enjoyment!

    The GT-FOUR Results:

    1. 200kw @17PSI - Zayne Thompson - ST205 - Garett GT2860RS Turbo, Custom Exhaust System from Turbo Back, 44MM Wastegate, Farina Racing ECU, Upgraded Radiator, HKS BOV

    2. 176kw @18PSI - Neil Kerr - Caldina GT-FOUR - Stock Motor, Rebuilt Turbo with billet compressor wheel, Link G4 Extreme ECU, Innovate Wideband A/F Ratio Meter, Tuned by Brent at Dynopower

    3. 170kw @13PSI - Andre and Jacqui Elliot - ST165 - Custom Extractors, FMIC, Steve Murch CT20B Turbo, HDI Boost Controller, 3 inch custom exhaust with RPS Muffler, stock engine, stock ecu.

    4. 159kw @14.5PSI - Caleb Te Whake - ST205 - HKS filter, Exhaust system, Octane booster

    5. 152kw @15PSI - Stefan De Vries - ST205 - Stock motor, 3 inch downpipe to 2.5 inch exhaust system

    6. 150kw @15PSI - Louis Zabala - ST205 - HKS pod, Downpipe, 3 inch turbo back exhaust, Blitz Bov, Turbosmart bleed valve

    7. 142kw @14PSI - James Morrow - ST205 - 100% stock besides BOV (Note there was a slight misfire)

    8. 127kw @8psi - Paul Wiggy - ST205 - 100% Stock - Note only running 8psi  

    9. 123kw @8PSI - John Walker - ST185 - 100% Stock will a fresh rebuild

    10. 123kw @8PSI - Bhavik Patel - ST205 - 3inch exhaust turbo back, FMIC, custom side feed intake, POD Filter 


    NON GT-FOUR Results:

    1. 226kw @ZERO PSI - Micah Spear - 2016 Holden Commodore SS - Stock LS3 Engine with Aftermarket Exhaust Backpipes

    2. 196kw @20PSI - Glynn Hooper - Mitsubishi Evo 5 - Evo 6.5rs Turbo, Aftermarket Manifold, stainless turbo back exhaust, Ralliart intercooler piping, ralliart intake, turbo smart bov, oil catch can, decat dump pipe, HDI boost controller (Note it was hitting boost cut so run was not 100% accurate)

    3. 150kw @8PSI - Rahul Babus car that Dylan Chappell Drove over - Mazda RX7 FD3S Intercooler, POD FILTER (Note it hit speed cut on the first run and was then heat soaked so power was down)

    4. 148kw @15PSI - Mohammed Shafil - Subaru Legacy GTB - Stage 1 tune from Subtech

    5. 143kw @ZERO PSI - Nathan Leake - Audi S4 B6 - 100% Stock 


    Thanks for an awesome day guys, we will be back next year bigger and better!

    Zayne @ Maniac Performance




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